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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is WrkLst secure?

Our top priority is security – we pride ourselves on adhering to the highest industry standards in encryption technology and security architecture.

Here is the TL;TR:

Specifically this means that all communication between you and our servers is encrypted in addition to your data being encrypted at rest (when the server is not actively working with the data).

Each WrkLst account has its own database to architectually separate data from different accounts in addition to having its own substructure for storing documents and images.

Each user is forced to use a secure password that has high complexity which considerably helps securing account access, as it makes it very hard to guess passwords. In addition all authentication forms have login throttling and are secured by googles reCAPTCHA when it makes sense, which makes it hard for computer programs to programmatically attack the authentication forms.

Within your account WrkLst supports advanced role based access policies, which will allow you to fine tune which user can see and edit what kind of information, how much information a user can export etc.

Our systems are running on solid linux based server systems that are continuously kept up to date with the latest security fixes. The WrkLst software is continuously maintained to the newest developments and security problems are fixed asap. We regularly update our systems as well as our keys to the systems, which we only store in advanced encrypted password and key vaults. We have a strict in house access policy for these vaults.

In addition to having redundant server and storage systems we make incremental backups of your database as a measure to protect your data from data corruption and for disaster management reasons.

If you entrust us with your existing databases or spreadsheets for migration of data into WrkLst, we store these files on encrypted work stations with sophisticated access keys for preparation of the data transfer. All data transfers from these workstations to our WrkLst servers are encrypted as well – as a general rule we don’t use unencrypted data transfers.

We are very positive that the level of security we provide for your data is superior to all in-house solutions and other cloud solutions we have seen over the last decade at artist studios, galleries and museums. Overall we are very confident we provide one of the highest standards in data protection without compromising you conveniently accessing your information in WrkLst.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

How and where is WrkLst hosted?

Our service runs mainly on servers rented from google cloud computing. In addition we use different services to secure and speed up WrkLst. Please have a look at our Terms of Service and our Privacy Agreement for a detailed list.

Geographically our servers can be positioned anywhere in the world to achieve best performance for our clients. Currently most of our servers are positioned in googles central USA server farm.

Is WrkLst a 'green' service?

Using green data centers if possible as well as reducing energy consumption by optimising infrastructure and processes is an integral strategy for WrkLst.

When we needed to find a highly flexible and super fast cloud infrastructure to host the WrkLst service, it was very difficult to find information on the energy efficiency and use as well as commitment for renewable energy by most players in the market. Amazon web services is the biggest player in the field, but as Greenpeace has repeatedly shown in their Click Clean reports is very intransparent when it comes to their environmental efforts and uses only 17% renewable energy (as of 2016, with a overall Rating of grade C). Thanks to the Click Clean report we were able to make an informed decision and went with Google. Their robust and super fast infrastructure is top of the line and is ratet with an overall grade A by Greenpeace. Apple and Facebook are leading the ranking, but do not offer their infrastructure to third parties. Because of that we went with Google, who is third in the report and the best infrastructure provider that also offers their service to third parties.

Learn more about the Click Clean report at: